The Power of the Blue Suit

Blue color is a power color, and so is red.  The two together are quite synergistic and visually striking. The color blocking is what inspired this little holiday story.

‘Blue collar’ is a term often employed in reference to the working class.  I think we all have to work in some form or another — not just out of necessity, but often for the sake of creation, and setting certain standards and aesthetics. For me, blue represents strength, but it’s also elegant and muted.The red shoes — as you can probably tell from my previous post, are my favorite pair of SL cherry boots this season — complement the blue and make it even more visceral and intense. Red always evokes the 5-pentacle Kremlin stars of Moscow’s Red Square — the city of my birth and early childhood. It will always be the color of winter Holidays, Santa’s uniform  and New Year’s promises and resolutions.

I came home from work yesterday and began editing a story board out of the magazines in front of me, searching for connections between hundreds of images, passively contemplating having to get ready to go to a fabulous party later in the night. Instead of getting ready, I spent some more time at home, watching a film on a projector screen, playing the piano and thinking back on my day. In the end, I chose to go as I was: One doesn’t necessarily need to change one’s clothes for a party. My blue suit and tie were elegant  — and fabulous enough for any party!

The funny thing is that some of my friends, seeing me in this outfit, compared me to Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, and the character on the cover of the band Japan. It’s quite flattering when you act and look like  a rock star — I instantly feel like royalty 🙂

The Blue suit and tie in the story are by Paul Smith, Fall 2013, Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Booties.

What do these images make you think of? Please do tell!


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