The Graduate

My boy, Sean, aka the Graduate, is my pride and joy, my protege and the creative force behind my life and self expression . He motivates  me to be my best self and as an inspiring artist, he wanted to experience New York with me a few weeks ago to see all of the touristy things for the very first time!  So we buy plane tickets and go!
As a true New Yorker at heart, I love this city more than Moscow, LA or even Paris, so I truly hoped that my son would love it as much as I do.
From Central Park, the zoo, the Museum of Natural History  the Met, the Gugg, the streets, the food, the cinema and miss Liberty on the waterfront, my friends in NY, we did it all like a raspberry swirl ice cream cone eaten in one lick! I suspect that from a distance, we looked like a pair from the film the Graduate , Mrs. Robinson and Ben, her on and off lover boy, or perhaps as an older sister with her brother, who holds my hand and kisses me on the street with no qualms whatsover.  But he’s my dear boy and I love him!  So we will be back for Christmas to see the other side of this fabulous, magical city of lights that never sleeps:) Come walk this earth with us! 

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