Meet Me in St. Barths…

If alternating current meets direct current in one of my subconscious parallels  – I always choose the most indirect route to get there, sort of like Alice in Wonderland led on by the Cheshire Cat, chasing the white Rabbit of my fascination.  This time off to Washington DC for some autumn foliage, national monuments and last rays of the eastern standard time; and then LA/NY layover to St. Barthelemy as in French West Indies for some tanning and white sandy beaches, flying jets and zipping vespas on the coast, tasting first class island cuisine and of course more shopping.  And since I didn’t get to spend much time in NY, I came back for more culture the week before Thanksgiving, perusing museums, opera, broadway plays and theatre.  So do it like a true rockinrolla and be an original, like AC/DC, baby!

Casino Royale Baby!

When it is time to go, it’s time to go! Even if it’s before Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix ( we have covered that already not so long ago).  “Girls just wanna have fun” as they say,  whoever they are, although I am in complete agreement there.  So I grab my bestie Lily Kay, my constant travel companion and undeniable source of creativity and diva of Fun, and we teleport to South of France again, this time for some peace and quiet, and exploration of parts we did not get to before before.  Of course, we always do it in style, jumping from one resort to the next, one little city to another little country, from Nice to La Reserve de Beaulieu, to Monaco Monte Carlo crashing at Hotel Hermitage, to Grand – Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, to Villerfranche-Sur-Mer and much much more.  And don’t forget the pit stop in the city of all cities, my New York to wander the streets and hang at concerts like the Muse at Madison Square Garden, Charlotte Gainsbourg in Brooklyn, La Traviata opera at the Met and so much more, before Angel City!  Enjoy the trip through the visuals! XOXOXO

Kenze Story

Upon my recent visit to LA – I had a privilege to work on the photo fashion shoot with my great friend Ben Duggan, a very talented model Kenze and hair and makeup specialist Heather Rae.  The Story was published by the Damaged/Goods magazine and the rest is history.  Please check it out!  We are all proud of our baby!

Kenze channelling those LA sunrays!

Miami Blues

Miami Art Basel is a well known destination for art gurus, artists and collectors. So without a further ado – I flew in to see my bestie Lily Kay early in December and have some much needed fun and sun!  Parties, art events, dancing and shmoozing in South Beach is all glamorous and hilarious and may be worth repeating again next time.  But as it is getting closer to New Year in NYC and much cooler than LA or Miami’s tropical atmosphere, I might just be the Devil’s advocate and escape again for a few days to paradise:)  Until very very soon… Enjoy! 🙂

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Dior and I

It has been a very long time since I have been as excited about a collection as I am about Christian Dior with creative director Raf Simons at the helm.  Within only a few seasons under his belt – he has transformed the house of Dior to a new edgy yet feminine aesthetic, yet still true to the original classic and clean lines of its creator CD.  It has attracted multitudes of celebrity and star clientele, from the likes of Rihanna, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman and many others, and connoisseurs of fashion and style such as myself.

Here are some snapshots of me in some of these beauties for your perusal.  From the cutting floor to reality – me as the Lady Dior.  Enjoy:)


Last Night: Bea Szenfeld at Decades in LA


Last night, I was invited to a private « vernissage » of an installation of one-of-a-kind works of art and fashion by a multi-talented Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld, here in Los Angeles at the iconic store Decades. The current installations are made entirely out of paper by hand, and held together by a little glue. Bea has also designed for the likes of Björk and other incredible artists.

Bea Szenfeld


Here are the two of us, posing with Bea’s window installation as the backdrop. She has a 50’s style sensibility and very sweet nature, and a very intuitive and curious mind. Bea took a few minutes to explain to me her process; it’s all by hand.

The party at Decades had a great turnout of both friends and followers of Bea, as well as art enthusiasts in general.

Peggy Moffitt


I had the privilege of running into the legendary muse and fashion model Peggy Moffitt, who was kind enough to pose for this picture. This was completely unchoreographed, but my hair matched her incredible red jacket, and for that we both got a medal!


I could not help but snap a couple of pictures at the store, using their incredible leopard lit staircase, and trying this Bladerunner-esque Jean Paul Gaultier vintage plastic overcoat.

Here is more video footage of the soiree, taken by Cameron Silver – the Decades owner and fashion star, where I make an appearance at the ending credits 🙂