June – She Will Change Her Tune

“June Gloom” has never been in my repertoire. Alas, this summer began somewhat auspiciously. Between the ongoing pandemic, and the national protests against racial injustice still perpetrated in my progressive United States to this day, and the new lunar eclipse – 2020 is not short of surprises. Clearly, the new decade facilitates much needed political and economic reforms, positive changes in our attitude toward one another, and the bond of human connection that never ceases to amaze me. “Everyone is guilty of all the good they did not do,” as Voltaire once declared. As we are all united in this global crisis, let us stand for one another and be the messengers of peace, love and understanding. For we must all get along, as there is is just one race – the human race. All the while, I am still in awe of my home state of California, and am bewitched, bothered and bewildered by its beauty, warmth, and heart. I am officially a California girl, or better yet – a California Soul!

April Showers May Flowers…

Well my dears –April flew by like a radioactive jet, and May is upon us – from showers to flowers in 5 seconds flat! March was 30 years ago, April was 30 minutes long. Time is relative, especially in these strange days of quarantine life worldwide. So what does one do when there is so much but little time? We make it super interesting with a twist. Growing up in California, I have never seen the poppy fields bloom in the Antelope Valley near Los Angeles, or made a small discovery of parks in Malibu, Topanga Canyon, Wilson Mountain range still covered in patches of snow in a middle of May, or Pioneer Town near Palm Springs. These type of decisions take minutes as I jump into a fast car on an adventure of what feels like a lifetime being a home buddy… who I really never am! Enjoy the snaps of my beautiful State and Cali May fleurs… and put a mask on!:)

Chateau Marmont S’il Vous Plaît!

Since the global pandemic completely reshaped the world order – work, travel, shopping, art, music, social systems and networks are placed on hold indefinitely. And since I was not able to stop in Paris on the way from London due to the enforced travel restricitons and general calamity early this March, I check myself into my favorite place in LA – the infamous Chateau Marmont on Sunset strip for a week, and isolate like any other regular rockstar. The place is quiet, private and soulful – I love it here, I have always adored it! Let us be glam and celebrate life all day, every day! Enjoy the rooftop views of my beautiful City of Angels! XOXOXO

London Editions…

If we only knew the future, we would not do half the things we set out to do or did already. Have we met before before? Then we meet again again – a deja vu in London, or a rendezvous “take #2”. I am from the future, kind of blade–running backwards, stopping in London with plans for Paris (this scenario of course halted as the global pandemic spread like wildfire around the world). As I park myself at the London Edition Hotel, right on the rooftop terrace with an amazing view of Central Soho, a week in London seems like a fun little escapade in itself. Catching up on things I didn’t get to do on the last go-round – like visiting the Saatchi Gallery with the most expensive exhibit in London’s history on the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen; strolling through the National Portrait Gallery in search of Cecil Beaton’s photos; walking to Big Ben and the famous Bond and Oxford streets and Savile Row for shopping, Portobello Road for antiques and food markets for Cheese shops and Davidoff cigars and the best English Fox umbrellas. Let’s not forget the buzz around new restaurants and notable bars with cool vibes, dressing up and keeping calm, before I catch the last flight to my beloved LA on Friday the 13th, March 2020. So we pray, eat, and love and carry on! God save the Queen and all her subjects! Cheers:)

The Polar Express…

Living in LA LA Land often calls for some variety like the four seasons, famously captured by maestro Vivaldi. So I jump on the next plane to my beloved city of New York for the Winter’s Opera program,” La Traviata” and “Porgy and Bess” back to back, endless walking in Central Park, more shopping and countless cappuccinos in pretty cafes and perusing art exhibits. Let’s not forget Seattle, the Tech metropolis, the Fish Market, the Needle, and another opera – “Eugene Onegin”! Brrrr, on a cold and rainy day – throw in a healthy dose of spa therapy and a Russian banya – warm up those sexy bones I say! Back in LA, I feel London calling – after all it has been a while since my last visit. British Air makes it easy, like the Mary Poppins I am teleported to England, the land of antiquity and cutting edge modernity – more museums, shops and yet another opera, this time “Carmen” in English, Bar Americana at St. James, high Tea service, practicing my accents, strolling different neighborhoods, looking ever so glamorous, orchestrating a fashion shoot and laughing all the way! Enjoy my vivid Planetarium – as the journey that is its own reward, and the company you keep that truly matters! XOXOXO

Come The Roaring 2020’s!

Who said that you can’t time travel – 1920 to 2020 in a blink of an eye … well, just my one eye. The era of prohibition didn’t stop the flappers from dancing on high tables with champagne supernova keeping everyone afloat in some smokey one of a kind NY club, rubbing elbows with the ladies and gents, who don’t care for sleep and early retirement. And who sleeps in Gotham anyway ? Blink twice and Fast Forward 100 years – I’m teleported to some swanky LA rooftop, in amidst the limelight and star gazing, counting down seconds to midnight hour of magic and and wanderlust of the new decade in my couture Chanel, bopping to some fun electro beats like the original time pirate I am. Blink again? Well I won’t tell you yet how that turned out … another time another party. Happy 2020 kids!!! 

Meet Me in St. Barths…

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