A White Christmas in LA

Upon my recent visit to LA’s J. Paul Getty museum, I was instantly inspired for the holiday season. It’s easy to over-think an ensemble for a specific occasion, where all one really needs to draw from is the pure simplicity of color and lines.

The open space of the museum, especially that of its ceilings replete with natural light made me think of opening the curtains, just like in a theater, or the blinds in one’s room. Let the light shine in!

The paintings that particularly drew my attention were those done in tones of blue and white – hence my photo shoot in white jeans (by Balenciaga), white bra (by La Perla) and white sneakers (by Pierre Hardy).

Lite on shadow


Look up — and let the architecture of the sky tell you a story! There’s so much space, purity and light!  When you look out, let the space open up before you: unfold the layers that separate imagination from reality. Measuring darkness — gauging the light: just like my motto.

Anne, countess of chesterfield

They're in luv...


The first painting is the Portrait of Anne, Countess of Chesterfield by Thomas Gainsborough, where she appears lost in thought. I mirror her pose by a large standing mirror, also lost in thought. Surprise! I think the analogy works in parallel here.

Portrait of Maria Frederike

Sittin pretty


The second painting is that of Maria Frederike van Reede-Athlone at Seven by Jean-Étienne Liotard, also lost in thought and looking away, but embracing her dog all the same. I embrace a pillow, also turning away and contemplative. The soft, chromatic tones of white, beige, brown, blue and black work synergistically together to weave a pattern, just like these amazing paintings of such beautiful women.

So if you find yourself in doubt about your wardrobe this Holiday season – keep it simple! White Jeans, good lighting and a great smile will carry you through. Stay inspired and jolly, just like in antiquity – simplicity rules!  But I’m always open to suggestions – so please share! 🙂

Last Night: Bea Szenfeld at Decades in LA


Last night, I was invited to a private « vernissage » of an installation of one-of-a-kind works of art and fashion by a multi-talented Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld, here in Los Angeles at the iconic store Decades. The current installations are made entirely out of paper by hand, and held together by a little glue. Bea has also designed for the likes of Björk and other incredible artists.

Bea Szenfeld


Here are the two of us, posing with Bea’s window installation as the backdrop. She has a 50’s style sensibility and very sweet nature, and a very intuitive and curious mind. Bea took a few minutes to explain to me her process; it’s all by hand.

The party at Decades had a great turnout of both friends and followers of Bea, as well as art enthusiasts in general.

Peggy Moffitt


I had the privilege of running into the legendary muse and fashion model Peggy Moffitt, who was kind enough to pose for this picture. This was completely unchoreographed, but my hair matched her incredible red jacket, and for that we both got a medal!


I could not help but snap a couple of pictures at the store, using their incredible leopard lit staircase, and trying this Bladerunner-esque Jean Paul Gaultier vintage plastic overcoat.

Here is more video footage of the soiree, taken by Cameron Silver – the Decades owner and fashion star, where I make an appearance at the ending credits 🙂

Fox Around Town

photo 4


photo 3

fox 2


photo 6

fox 3



There is plenty of inspiration one can find in her own backyard, having spent the day beautifying a little Chateau in WeHo.

Coincidentally, I came across this beautiful Photo Book Compilation called “Fox Around Town” by Martin Usbourne at the Paul Smith Boutique on Melrose Ave. Like the iconic building, the book is also pink! If you haven’t been already, I highly recommend a visit — if not for the beautiful British smart tailored clothes, then for the amazingly-curated book collection.

I suppose that I imagine myself as the Russian red fox from this book, except that I am wearing Balenciaga LBD and Jimmy Choo black buckle patent booties, and the fox wears, well, itself…naturally!

Do you think I am a good animal? Does it work, oui?

Dressing in LA Is Stupendously Fun

05Try a fur coat with strappy sandals.  YSL fox fur coat, circa 2000, Alber Elbaz.  Strappy Gucci shoes, circa 2011.  Taken at Decades, Inc., in Los Angeles in November, 2013.

Found at Decades Two in Los Angeles.

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