C’mon C’mon C’mon

Another year has come to pass with holidays around the corner.  For most – it is a time for self-reflection and turning over a new page, welcoming the changes ahead.  I get that “Holiday feeling” every time I watch Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut,” a perfect Christmas film. There is a thin line between love and hate, chaos and order, calamity and serenity, war and peace.  The nuances in the film overwhelm me with a sense of nostalgia for the past, and melancholy towards the future. I know that being in the middle is the safest place to be, and the present tense is the only right place. Some questions come up to the surface, like ‘what is it that we truly want in life, from ourselves, from others, from the world we live in with billions of other beings?’ We cannot transmit what we haven’t got, and until we do – we hopefully keep on evolving, learning and transcending ourselves. Another brilliant revelation came to me from a film I recently watched and loved “C’mon C’mon,” where the main child character is asked “ When you think about the future, how do you imagine it will be, what will stay with you, and what will you forget?” He simply answers that the future is not at all what we imagine it to be, and all we can do is just “c’mon, c’mon…c’mon.”  Sometimes all we can do is live the process, do it, be it!  So let’s love and evolve:)

September…She’ll Remember

How did it suddenly become the Harvest Moon, precisely September 20th, 2021, last night? The Fullest Moon of the year hangs so low for the next few nights so farmers can finish their long days of labor. I too feel like a laborer of Love, that has been growing for many years, perhaps more so this year due to a time-space continuum paradox. Yes, it was a special year; it’s been eventful, trying, challenging, adventurous, fun, funny, fast and furious. It came by a quiet storm, started with a lot of open ended questions, evolved into a being of its own, and now demands the answers to at least some that are close to heart. As the prophecy says – The future is not written in stone, and it changes constantly like the multiverse we live in, but sometimes I just want to know now, yes — right now! Lets ask the Harvest Moon 🙂

August…Die She Must

As the famous lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel song go to the acclaimed film “The Graduate,” I feel that the human race has finally graduated to the next evolutionary level with Covid virus still being the main world event. Although we will never be the same again, this transitory state of being is coming to a full circle. The questions are essentially still the same – to get vaccines or wait, to travel or stay put, to wear masks or take chances, the list goes on… Still, I can’t help but sense that we have transcended to a new way of being, understanding, and expressing – we “died” and been reborn, got more spiritual and grounded. So happy Rebirth-day to us all! ❤️🧚‍♀️💋

April Has The Cruelest Mouth…

Time is fleeting, birthdays come and go, Easter eggs have hatched and the world is still fighting the pandemic. As I try to remain teachable, I witness miracles of light, hope, humility and gratitude surrounding me. I believe that the truth is out there and life is full of magic and beauty. The people we let into our kingdoms magnify our best qualities and help us slay our demons. April showers will bloom May flowers, radiant rainbows and fresh Spring perfumes will fill our lungs with humanity… I love you!

Traveling Without Moving…2021

As the world waited for 2021 with bated breath to finally arrive and replace this very trying, unpredictable and explosive year, one thing remains absolutely clear – we must move forward, hopeful and optimistic for better things to come. It has already begun – new presidency, a vaccine to eradicate the pandemic and a generally brighter outlook to the future. Still, even if global travel is suspended indefinitely until the world is somewhat stable and open, I keep moving and dancing… As they say – the moving target is the hardest to hit! I do enjoy my hometown of LA – I explore it more and more with people in my life that I love and cherish. Enjoy the view, do it with a smile, and the grass is just as green here as it is anywhere…:)

Last Christmas…

“Did I give you my heart? And the very next day – did you give it away? And this year… I would give it to someone special…” This year, that will go into history as the crazy 2020, while the mysterious virus made the world stand still… and the people with it. But hope prevails, and so do all the magical lovely things that are worthy fighting for, living for, aspiring for… Let us help one another to be better versions of ourselves in the year to come, and spread love and understanding, and carry each other, always… Enjoy these memories , as I share them with you here and have a little giggle…Be happy, joyous, and free! Lots of love…

Dorothy is not from Kansas…

In fact, she is one little cute punk-rocker prancer-dancer ingenue from a future-retro artsy chill area in east Los Angeles called Los Feliz, underneath the Griffith Park Observatory and the infamous Greek Amphitheater, home to many of the rockstar concerts and special events. Every now and then, after clicking her heels three times, she’d be gone with the wind, so to speak, in whatever directions the air streams take her, still continental USA (sadly, foreign air is still off limits for now). Oh where oh where did she teleport again? Looks like Lake Tahoe, a quirky town of Reno on the Nevada/Cali border, woodsy town of Truckee, in the wilderness, inhabited by bears and deer, then grand NY on the east coast – autumn foliage and fresh crisp chill air excursions; and back to Joshua Tree for desert sun and stargazing, and a royal visit to Bel Air. What’s next? 🙂