Alfa Romeo Centauri

What happens when transatlantic flights are suspended due to the raging, worldwide  pandemic, unless you are one tough secret service agent or a superstar with  diplomatic immunity? I can’t disclose all my secrets now, but what I can do is stage a fashion photoshoot, with vintage Italian cars like a sweet tomato red Alfa Romeo, sprinkled with helicopters, future retro wardrobe from Pucci and Fendi, and a kick-ass attitude to boot. Here is my own reenactment of “The Woman from Uncle, ” the mysterious, gone rouge spy that loves all of you, often finding herself around the world on planes, trains, and super cool automobiles, on some impossible mission to better the world and humanity. God Bless the Bladerunners and Rebels with a cause, Lucky for you a good kind of cause and effect. Be Safe! Ciao…

photography @robertkerian styling @laroussian

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