September…She’ll Remember

How did it suddenly become the Harvest Moon, precisely September 20th, 2021, last night? The Fullest Moon of the year hangs so low for the next few nights so farmers can finish their long days of labor. I too feel like a laborer of Love, that has been growing for many years, perhaps more so this year due to a time-space continuum paradox. Yes, it was a special year; it’s been eventful, trying, challenging, adventurous, fun, funny, fast and furious. It came by a quiet storm, started with a lot of open ended questions, evolved into a being of its own, and now demands the answers to at least some that are close to heart. As the prophecy says – The future is not written in stone, and it changes constantly like the multiverse we live in, but sometimes I just want to know now, yes — right now! Lets ask the Harvest Moon 🙂