June – She Will Change Her Tune

“June Gloom” has never been in my repertoire. Alas, this summer began somewhat auspiciously. Between the ongoing pandemic, and the national protests against racial injustice still perpetrated in my progressive United States to this day, and the new lunar eclipse – 2020 is not short of surprises. Clearly, the new decade facilitates much needed political and economic reforms, positive changes in our attitude toward one another, and the bond of human connection that never ceases to amaze me. “Everyone is guilty of all the good they did not do,” as Voltaire once declared. As we are all united in this global crisis, let us stand for one another and be the messengers of peace, love and understanding. For we must all get along, as there is is just one race – the human race. All the while, I am still in awe of my home state of California, and am bewitched, bothered and bewildered by its beauty, warmth, and heart. I am officially a California girl, or better yet – a California Soul!