Lost in Translation…Again

After being back in LA for a month of January, I start to wonder if I am missing anything anywhere at all.  As rumour has it – the Murder has already happened on the Orient Express.   And why delay anyway? So I naturally get on the nearest plane and fly East, Far East.  Hello Japan! I find myself at the Park Hyatt, where Sofia Coppola filmed her famous “Lost in Translation” – the cult movie about all things Japanese via Americans experiecing Japan for the first time.  And let me tell you – Tokyo is magical, in the” Bladerunner “kind of way, where the clean metropolis is super friendly and full of fantastic many things.  Kyoto is the older more serene sister of Tokyo, with  ancient temples and slower pace of life.  The Winter there is good for skiing, though not as cold as NY but still pretty, and the mountain Fiji not so distant after all.  I might be back for the cherry blossoms and why not!  ARIGATŌGOZAIMASU 🙂