Stars, Spies and Superheroes

It’s been a general belief that special agents, superheroes and stars are beyond reproach, unclassifiable and completely mystical beings – not unlike demigods, who operate on a completely different set of rules, detached from realities as we mortals know it.  I took it upon myself to research these myths and recreate myself as a first class spy, if you will, or a rogue-ette on a mission.  My inspiration is drawn from a collection of my own – toys, posters, vintage wardrobe and the new remake of “The Man from Uncle” – very mod, very glossy and very stylish.  Please take a moment to explore the possibilities of transformation and the power of being untouchable! 🙂

My New Passport / Edition 11:11

imageI had to fly back to Neptune – my birth base, for my current homeland Americano passport has expired on 7/11… Do you like the new pic? I can change it if you don’t – you know? 🙂


Dior and I

It has been a very long time since I have been as excited about a collection as I am about Christian Dior with creative director Raf Simons at the helm.  Within only a few seasons under his belt – he has transformed the house of Dior to a new edgy yet feminine aesthetic, yet still true to the original classic and clean lines of its creator CD.  It has attracted multitudes of celebrity and star clientele, from the likes of Rihanna, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman and many others, and connoisseurs of fashion and style such as myself.

Here are some snapshots of me in some of these beauties for your perusal.  From the cutting floor to reality – me as the Lady Dior.  Enjoy:)