75/25 – new golden rule for LiVin’! NYC/LA

Well…seems like ages since I posted here but actually – only under a month… Time flies when you are having fun, especially my type of fun – robust, progressive and all encompassing!

New York has been taking all of my time lately – I feel like Dorothy in her glittery red Mary Janes, but I’ve landed where I want to be – from city of Angels to the Big Shiny Apple! New York – New York! I am yours, at least 75 % of me, and that’s where my heart is at the moment – work, creative and residence.   LA will have to do with 25%, my head and sensibility.   One needs to really step away from angels to really appreciate them:)

Enjoy these recent pics in Gotham City from July – the Hamptons, Bolshoi ballet presenting Spartacus, Cabaret with Alan Cumming, Isabelle Huppert screening of her new film with Cindy Sherman, my fab friend Heidi at our fave french bistro and the amazing streets of my new city:) xoxoxo