NYC I <3 U! Act III

Last but not least, I offer a few more images of my fave city – from random shots on the street to Central Park’s loveliness during the Spring – everything blooms, and breathes and promises new fresh beginnings and hope.. I look forward to coming back real soon. .. enjoy 🙂


New York – I LOVE YOU! Act II

Here is another series of pictures from my recent trip to New York, showing off some of the darker shades of one of my favorite cities. Enjoy 🙂

New York – I LOVE YOU! Act 1

It had been quite some time since my last visit to New York, one of my two favorite cities in the world; Paris, the other, having taken me hostage an entire ocean away. But New York will always remain, for me, the quintessential hob of culture, art, beauty, fashion and a way of life that should be had by all here in the states. Rarely does any other city even come close to the energy, inspiration and drive of New York and its people; and as much as I love and appreciate Los Angeles as my home base, I feel a need to be in NYC at least a few times a year to re-energize my “batteries” so-to-speak. The Spring is my favorite time to visit, when the city is blooming, thriving and magnificent! These pictures are mere fragments of what it feels like to be in NYC in the Springtime from arrival to departure. I hope to come back real soon. Stay tuned… 🙂

Lilly e Violetta

As a well-traveled jet-setter and stylist extraordinaire ( if I may call myself that), I rarely come across the collections and fashion designers so breathtaking in terms of the quality, originality, and sheer beauty of their product, such as Lilly e Violetta.

I was introduced to this particular collection on my last visit to Paris during A/F 2014 fashion week by Sarah Harris – UK Vogue Editor, as she was sitting right next to me during John Galliano catwalk.  What I noticed were Sarah’s amazing grey hair ( which she doesn’t color) that complemented her gorgeous cobalt blue mink bomber with a white back.  I was wearing my favorite  fur coat of the season by Marc Jacobs, bought in LA.  Naturally, our conversation revolved around our pieces and Sarah directed me to Maria – owner and designer of Lily e Violetta.

On the side note, I realize that fur is not for everyone, especially with the controversy over animal cruelty and fashion houses that utilize leather and fur in their designs.   However, I decided to wear Lilly e Violetta because the garment is all made of ORIGIN ASSURED raw material, which means that the animals are grown and treated well and have a long life-span. I also have an appreciation for beautiful, functional and seasonal clothes.  Growing up in Moscow during those harsh winters, fur and leather were what our winter clothes were made of, providing us warmth and comfort.

I let the collection speak for itself and that cobalt mink bomber became my favorite garment during Paris fashion week.

See Sarah and I both wear it, differently but all so stylishly.  The collection is made in Italy but is based in London and services Harrods, Matches and Joseph stores.  My current job and passion have become to bridge the gap between the continents and introduce the US market to this incredible line.  I want to see the next Lilly e Violetta bomber at Barneys, Maxfield and Dover Street stores.  Stay tuned…

In the meantime, check out the full 2014 pre-fall collection on the company’s website:


who wears it better in your opinion? 🙂