How Dara Block Tells Stories

Being back in LA makes me want to reconnect with my brilliant friends and conspirators of all things cool, beautiful and original  – such as my visionary friend-photographer and blogger extraordinaire, Dara Block (Check out her Instagram: @adarable13).  Not only do we try to attend all things interesting here in LA together, like special exhibits, gallery events, movies, tea parties at the Chateau Marmont, but we often photograph each other as well, for both fun and inspiration. Dara and her sister Erica have an amazing blog called and her own blog on all things, Carine Roitfeld – former fashion editor at large of French Vogue, at . Aside from her fashion and art blogs, Dara’s amazing Instagram images were even selected by Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia’s fashion editor at large, for a special issue of the magazine. Please check out Dara’s editorials and subscribe!


For our reunion, (since my European travels and Dara’s bday celebration in NYC) I promised to put on my cat Miu MIu patent boots from Spring 2014, which I was told I could not get in the USA – so I had to smuggle them from Paris on my last trip there for fashion week.  Here are some images snapped by Dara of us together and solo, posing per usual 🙂

Dara has an amazing style all her own – Lady in Black is wearing those signature Adidas sneaks, and an Issey Miyake green mosaic purse from NYC 🙂

Timelapses and Travelocities

Nobody, at least that I know of, can do photo-realism better than Barry Young. Here are some of his art pieces done at various times and and places. Here, there, every where.. It could have been 1956, or it could have been last year.. Who knows? Who cares? they are timeless.. enjoy.. and do visit Barry’s art site ( Support Brilliance! 🙂

An Easter Story

Once upon a time, there existed magical creatures like Easter bunnies, fairies with stardust and cute robust elves that get jobs done… As Easter is upon us this weekend, enjoy a little spread of one such bunny, Roux, hopping around in her Chloe romper and those pink Hardy sneaks… makes getaway quick and easy… catch you next season… hip hop hurray 🙂


Paris A/W 2014 Fashion Week: There is More!

Here are some more additions to my last post – it’s insanely difficult to choose what to post from the vault of pictures and videos I managed to smuggle through customs from Paris Fashion week last month. Here are some of the highlights, though! From my favorite bloggers to the designers’ shows I had the privilege of attending – in the front row AND backstage – I was overwhelmed! The ambiance of the shows and locations were to “die for”.. but that’s Paris in general…


Here are just a few of the notables: Bryan Boy of, Garance Doré of,  A.F. Vandevorst of, and, of course, Vivienne Westwood of




Paris A/W 2014 Fashion Week: Pt. III


Here are some snaps from the actual shows I attended while I was in Paris, accompanied by the designers and enchanted by the atmosphere. From the first show at Pascal Millet when I arrived in Paris on March 25th, to  Sharon Wauchob on March 27th, I was overwhelmed by the degree of professionalism and craft at play amongst the designers and their flawless, inspired creations. I spent a little bit of time backstage at Miu Miu with Miuccia Prada and a few of the A-lister actors she dresses and features in the new brand campaign. The beautiful city of Paris itself was alive around this week of creation and inspiration.

As always, there’s more to come – so stay tuned! xoxo


Ps: Check out my friend Vivian Van Dijk’s site at




Here I am with Lea Seydoux in the first picture. Jared Leto is photo-bombing us!! In the second picture, you can see Lea and Adele — the cast of “Blue Is The Warmest Color” with Jared Leto at Miu Miu!!


Paris: Pt. Deux

More shots of Lily and me in the city of lights.

There is much more coming soon – I promise! Xo

The City of Lights at night!

Paris, je t’aime

As promised, kids —  some of my favorite snapshots from last month’s Paris 2014 A/W fashion week…more detailed analysis on designers and wardrobe is coming! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I give you Paris, my friend, Lily, and me —  🙂 enjoy!