From Paris to Beyond: Pt 2 – Bacara Hotel in Santa Barbara

As I keep promising, the Paris fashion week files are still being perfected…But in a meantime, please feel free to peruse my second escape — Santa Barbara tripping at the word famous Bacara Resort and Spa in my own state of California.  Us Angelenos often forget sometimes how lucky we are as residents of one of the most beautiful places on earth with the ocean, the mountains, the snow and the desert all just a couple of hours away.  No need for a plane ticket! Here are some shots from this great destination.  Oh, and I had to bring my Miu Miu coat from my archives and the golden boots from the recent YSL collection.  Enjoy! and see you real soon 🙂


From Paris to Beyond – The Horizon at Palm Springs. Part 1

I know you’re all waiting for my coverage of fashion week at Paris — and I promise I’ll get to it soon — but first, a much needed break at The Horizon Hotel , an iconic luxury hotel in Palm Springs, CA. Built in 1952 by renowned architect William F. Cody, it’s the perfect case study layout, favored by the stars of the 50s and 60s like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and of course, me 🙂


Here’s a little sunshine for your day – enjoy this impromptu photo shoot , styled by me and my go-to artist and photographer-in-residence Barry Young.

Los Feliz to Paris and Back Again

Jet-lagged and a tad melancholic — but happy to be back in my hood — I had a pleasure of doing a little impromptu shoot with my friend and collaborator, Lika Brutyan, photographer de Jour right here in Los Feliz.. You should check out Lika at her website  or on her Facebook page!


Grant you, Los Feliz ain’t Paris, but we do have the same magazine collection as they do over across the pond, so I have more than enough to keep me on my toes.


More of Paris to come, I assure you! – the city kept me hostage for A/W 2014 fashion week – fun, full, exhausting but deliciously delirious..  Enjoy the imagery ’til I get back with more euro-gossip…