Brentwood Incident

How do you from here to there, from life to death in a single evening?

Follow the Brentwood Detective, Barry Young, as he delves into this tragic mystery at his site

Laroussian in Wonderland

I started the day off with my checkered chessboard tights, straight out of Alice in Wonderland! Don’t they remind you of that beautiful world replete with Mad Hatters and rabbits and ticking timepieces? In truth, I didn’t don them in Wonderland, but instead found them in Paris’ oldest department store, Le Bon Marché, on my recent winter trip! They still made me want to play, though, and explore the world anew. My playground is your playground, so come out, come out wherever you are! 😉

On the Shoot of “Our Talented Mr. Ripley” with Lika Brutyan, Rachel and Andrew


Last week, I was privileged to style and be a part of a fantastic collaboration between my talented friend and photographer, Lika Brutyan, and my dear model friends Rachel and Andrew. The sequence of pictures brought to mind the film ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, with Andrew filling in for Matt Damon. The girls were just icing on the cake! Here are some images from the shoot. Stay tuned – there’s always more to come!


PS: I’d recommend taking a look at both Lika’s professional portfolio site and her Facebook page.