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On My Recent Visit with Mr Alaïa

I cannot describe my joy and extreme pride when, in January of this year, I was finally able to meet and talk with my fashion idol and beloved iconoclast, Mr. Azzedine Alaïa.  I arrived to his flagship store ready to shop and, in the middle of his beautiful showroom, there he was! And of course I had to stop and say hello, commend him on his artistry and design ethic, especially after seeing a retrospective of his clothes spanning a few decades 1960’s to 2013 at the Paris museum this year. I couldn’t possibly describe what an honor it was to meet him. I also ran in to Carla Sozzani, founder of 10 Corso Como in Milan and the biggest collector of Alaïa’s chic pieces. Her sister, Franca, is the current Editor of Italian Vogue.

I can’t wait to go back soon and do a fashion editorial piece on Azzedine




Upon My Recent Visit with Jessica Ann and Alexander in Les Rosiers, Pays De La Loire, France

Early this year, I was fortunate to be invited to stay with my best friend and fashion co-conspirator,Jessica Ann, at her family’s beautiful chateau in Les Roisers Pays De La Loire in France. Here are some snaps of the inspirational variety… Can’t wait to reunite with her this Paris Fashion week in just a month from now 🙂


You can check out Jessica’s site here:

Improvisations on Coco Chanel

My white vintage Selena Paris coat and pink plissé vintage Emmanuelle Khanh dress.