Roux and the Streets of Paris – December 2013

All photography by Barry L. Young

Inspiration at Whitechapel Gallery in London

This photo shoot was inspired by the photography of Julian Simmons at the Whitechapel gallery in London.

I’m wearing an YSL fox coat circa 2000 and Balenciaga boots; The artist opted for a pair of rain boots in his.

Me posing what my new friend Dino the RueBell from London’s Natural History Museum. The artist has a bird in her hands.

An Afternoon at the Saatchi Gallery in London

The BEAR (Barry L Young) and I spent an afternoon at the Saatchi Gallery in London’s Sloane square. These are some of the modernist paintings by Charlie Billingham that resonated with me, just like this incredible piece of art of me by the Bear. I strongly recommend his site for your perusal 🙂

The Best Popcorn On Earth Is European!

Photo taken at: Coronet Cinema

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At the Coronet Cinema watching “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” with the best pop corn in hand (sweet & salty)


The Art of Paul Fägerskiöld

This past Friday, I was offered a glimpse into the world of Paul Fägerskiöld at the Prism Gallery LA in his first solo exhibition.

Paul, originally from Sweden, currently resides in NYC. The prominent series in Fägerskiöld’s exhibition is a body of work made using acrylic paint expelled from aerosol cans, in droplets that form minuscule dots on the surface of the canvases.  Paul took the time to explain his process to me: there are multiple layers of spray paint in various colors. They look monochrome from afar, but the optics shift once the viewer gets up close and personal with the canvas. It seems to move like the sky or shimmer like a body of water, scattering colors across. It’s fantastic and simply, breathtaking.
My arty fabulous friends Dara and Erica Fraser Block also attended the show. We took some editorial shots within the gallery space among these beautiful pieces of art. Bravo!

The Story of a Little Red Coat

Red is my favorite color. Its rooted in my name- Laroux (French for ‘the red one’) So… with the holidays approaching — Christmas and Boxing Day being my favorites — the time has come for me to share with you the story of, ‘My Little Red Coat’
Yes, it is about a FUR coat – but it’s vintage! The cruelty is over. Gone. The coat appeals to my Russian sensibility- the coat is not just stylish- it is made to survive the cold winters in Moscow. Besides, it’s fabulous!
Anyway, have you heard of Révillon?

Révillon Frères (Révillon Brothers) Révillon Frères was a French fur company that had stores in New York, Paris and London. I’m guessing that my own sheared mink coat was made in NYC in the 70′s or early 80′s? I love the over-sized shoulders, cropped length and giant gold buttons, not to mention its amazing warmth!

Baby, it’s cold outside! Please come in and sit with me on the edge of the bathtub and dream of the white Christmas — but don’t jump in! At least not in your fur!

What will you be wearing for the holidays?  Give me some ideas 🙂

Styling Sessions at Miu Miu Last Night

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a little fashion soirée at Miu Miu’s Rodeo boutique in Los Angeles, which was, in turn, attended by both my stylist friends and fashion lovers alike. Joe Zee, of Elle Magazine, held a resort 2014 styling session. My amazing friend Anthony David, stylist extraordinaire and studio/VIP services coordinator at Miu Miu, walked me through the collection piece by piece. My personal favorite was the rhinestone dangeree overall piece and the drop dead gorgeous emerald costume jewelry earring I tried on, just like Jan Vermeer’s “a girl with a pearl earring” painting.

419px-Johannes_Vermeer_(1632-1675)_-_The_Girl_With_The_Pearl_Earring_(1665)My other friend Craig Tharkur, flew to this event straight from Miu Miu’s New York corporate office. I couldn’t resist putting on a pair of Miu Miu’s Spring 2012 runway leather flower boots. It was inspiring to see all of the fashion enthusiasts trying things on and sharing their opinions, from young starlet Kahthryn Newton to an experienced shopper like Corrine in a vintage mink coat, peeking through a display window.  Do the colors of red, green and gold remind you of the holidays? GO GO GO!

XO 🙂

The Power of the Blue Suit

Blue color is a power color, and so is red.  The two together are quite synergistic and visually striking. The color blocking is what inspired this little holiday story.

‘Blue collar’ is a term often employed in reference to the working class.  I think we all have to work in some form or another — not just out of necessity, but often for the sake of creation, and setting certain standards and aesthetics. For me, blue represents strength, but it’s also elegant and muted.The red shoes — as you can probably tell from my previous post, are my favorite pair of SL cherry boots this season — complement the blue and make it even more visceral and intense. Red always evokes the 5-pentacle Kremlin stars of Moscow’s Red Square — the city of my birth and early childhood. It will always be the color of winter Holidays, Santa’s uniform  and New Year’s promises and resolutions.

I came home from work yesterday and began editing a story board out of the magazines in front of me, searching for connections between hundreds of images, passively contemplating having to get ready to go to a fabulous party later in the night. Instead of getting ready, I spent some more time at home, watching a film on a projector screen, playing the piano and thinking back on my day. In the end, I chose to go as I was: One doesn’t necessarily need to change one’s clothes for a party. My blue suit and tie were elegant  — and fabulous enough for any party!

The funny thing is that some of my friends, seeing me in this outfit, compared me to Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, and the character on the cover of the band Japan. It’s quite flattering when you act and look like  a rock star — I instantly feel like royalty 🙂

The Blue suit and tie in the story are by Paul Smith, Fall 2013, Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Booties.

What do these images make you think of? Please do tell!


Guess Where?

photo 3


Background and wardrobe can both reveal and conceal facts about image/what one perceives. The first picture, with its rich yellow foliage brings to mind autumn or early winter in one of my favorite cities — London. But? It could be anywhere —  Europe, New England…? I’m thinkin’ New York, near the reservoir in Central Park..

The warm parka-style Prada jacket, with its fur collar, and my military-inspired Miu Miu leather boots, can adapt to any climate.


photo 2


This photo makes me think of Kyoto, Japan, under a beautiful blooming pink orchid tree, with a Japanese garden in the background.


photo 1


But? All of these pictures were taken on a cold winter day in LA!. The “arctic” temperatures this December inspired me to pull from my winter wardrobe — which sadly doesn’t get enough wear in Los Angeles. Us Angelenos are quite fortunate, having been blessed with one of the best climates in the world. As a frequent world traveler, I can picture myself as being in all of these places at once, while still remaining at home in LA.

What do these images make you think of? Please share 🙂

A White Christmas in LA

Upon my recent visit to LA’s J. Paul Getty museum, I was instantly inspired for the holiday season. It’s easy to over-think an ensemble for a specific occasion, where all one really needs to draw from is the pure simplicity of color and lines.

The open space of the museum, especially that of its ceilings replete with natural light made me think of opening the curtains, just like in a theater, or the blinds in one’s room. Let the light shine in!

The paintings that particularly drew my attention were those done in tones of blue and white – hence my photo shoot in white jeans (by Balenciaga), white bra (by La Perla) and white sneakers (by Pierre Hardy).

Lite on shadow


Look up — and let the architecture of the sky tell you a story! There’s so much space, purity and light!  When you look out, let the space open up before you: unfold the layers that separate imagination from reality. Measuring darkness — gauging the light: just like my motto.

Anne, countess of chesterfield

They're in luv...


The first painting is the Portrait of Anne, Countess of Chesterfield by Thomas Gainsborough, where she appears lost in thought. I mirror her pose by a large standing mirror, also lost in thought. Surprise! I think the analogy works in parallel here.

Portrait of Maria Frederike

Sittin pretty


The second painting is that of Maria Frederike van Reede-Athlone at Seven by Jean-Étienne Liotard, also lost in thought and looking away, but embracing her dog all the same. I embrace a pillow, also turning away and contemplative. The soft, chromatic tones of white, beige, brown, blue and black work synergistically together to weave a pattern, just like these amazing paintings of such beautiful women.

So if you find yourself in doubt about your wardrobe this Holiday season – keep it simple! White Jeans, good lighting and a great smile will carry you through. Stay inspired and jolly, just like in antiquity – simplicity rules!  But I’m always open to suggestions – so please share! 🙂

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