America America!

“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies” – decided to explore what’s right in front of my eyes – America, America – my land is your land.  Having lived in the United States most of my life, I still get to discover new corners of this country that are as grand and lovely as any other part of the world.  Some of my travels take me to California, Texas, Puerto Rico to name a few, even if just for a few days.  The paradigm shift allows me to get a fresh appreciation for the beauty and the grandeur of my own homeland.  I hope you do too!  Enjoy:)

From Bermuda to Savannah, and Don’t Forget LA!

Travel is my meditation and the best way to change paradigms of perception and reality.  I’m all for a quick getaway or two, if only for a day.   Everything is close to your fingertips if you are on the east coast like NY – a day in Bermuda, a day in Savannah, a few days in LA or Puerto Rico, a week in Europe and beyond.  Here are some snapshots from my trips around the bend, here and there and everywhere!  Enjoy:)

Kenze Story

Upon my recent visit to LA – I had a privilege to work on the photo fashion shoot with my great friend Ben Duggan, a very talented model Kenze and hair and makeup specialist Heather Rae.  The Story was published by the Damaged/Goods magazine and the rest is history.  Please check it out!  We are all proud of our baby!

Kenze channelling those LA sunrays!

Fashion Weeks Come and Go, but Style – Never!

With another Fashion Week season behind us, I find it fascinating that fashion and style can be mutually exclusive.Trends might dictate the market and influence the buyers, but style can’t be bought or even taught, sort of like love. And then there are those very few rare individuals and trendsetters, visionaries if you will, who possess that certain intangible something, the priceless quality to inspire without trying. In my aspirational moments of working with very talented friends and professionals in fashion and art, I feel that sense of freedom and direction in the collective love of what we do – our artistic passion. Here are some visuals from last fashion week and the styling projects that I had the privilege to work on. Viewers can draw their own parallels. 🙂


You Need A Ruler In Your Life!

What is a life without some inspiration, direction or a muse? If you ask me – a little lop-sided and a tad flat.  As the new year and its’ countless resolutions and birthdays come to pass, one must always maintain a sense of wonderment and wanderlust – crucial in this day and age for all kinds of realisations and miracles.  With all of the fun things coming up from fashion week ahead and Valentine’s day proclamations , we must not shy away from life’s great rulers – Love and Service!  So delight in who you are:) Enjoy!



May You Be Blessed…in ’17

The New 2017 Year has already begun in the character of the Red Rooster per Chinese astrology, and boy –  has it been running ever so swiftly…To a new start and new beginnings, and wishing you all the blessings, luck and good fortune.  May the force be with you! Cheers!


Miami Blues

Miami Art Basel is a well known destination for art gurus, artists and collectors. So without a further ado – I flew in to see my bestie Lily Kay early in December and have some much needed fun and sun!  Parties, art events, dancing and shmoozing in South Beach is all glamorous and hilarious and may be worth repeating again next time.  But as it is getting closer to New Year in NYC and much cooler than LA or Miami’s tropical atmosphere, I might just be the Devil’s advocate and escape again for a few days to paradise:)  Until very very soon… Enjoy! 🙂


Why I’m Still In Love With Paris!

Paris to me is the epitome of everything old grand and extraordinary,  where New York is the epicentre of all that’s new, in flux and a state of constant reinvention.  Two of my favourite cities of all time – the city of light and love and city of Gotham that never sleeps, because it’s so high on life!   Every time I visit Paris, I experience a paradigm shift where everything slows down, and I become its misteress of the night.   Here are some of my 10 days and nights spent with my lover Paris, its people and its beauty in the Fall 2016 just last month.   Enjoy!

New York Spring 2017 Fashion Week Highlights

As the Spring Fashion Week season winds down in Paris – I’m reliving some fun moments from just a few weeks ago in NYC.  New York was buzzing with amazing energy and a cool extravagant vibe of what it means to be alive, free-spritited and creative – what a great chance to connect with my buds from the meccas of the Fashion World!  Pictures speak louder than words!  Enjoy!


When The Models Are Gone – I’m On!

Fashion week is quickly approaching and the models are converging from the Hamptons, St Tropez, Ibiza etc after manning, tanning and planning their return to the runway.  The Big Apple is a perfect setting for this “Holly” who goes lightly snapping selfies wherever and doing photo shoots with my left and coast east coast buds.  Until then… See y’ll come fashion week in NYC…

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